Inner Circle Explained

The Kinetic Brewing Company’s Inner Circle is two things: A special group of people & special selection of perks.

The People

What you need to know about the people that join the Inner Circle is we have 3 rules: 1.) We don’t talk about the people in the Inner Circle. 2.) We don’t talk about the people in the Inner Circle. 3.) Well, you get the idea…

What we can talk about, is the kind of people that you’ll meet in the Inner Circle. Fun loving, beer (not just yellow fizzy water) loving, local business supporting, and perhaps slightly crazy kind of people. People that hear about new beer styles or brewing techniques and want to know more and taste the results. The Inner Circle is filled with individuals from all walks of life, united for one purpose, exceptional & unique shared beer experiences that could only be provided by Kinetic Brewing Company.

The Perks

What you need to know about the perks that come part of the Inner Circle, is that they are centered on the concept of scarcity. Not everything Kinetic Brewing creates is profitable on a mass production scale, often because the ingredients or time it takes to produce are not entirely competitive. That said, we still do some crazy things with beer that we can only share with our most loyal and devoted fans. You’re starting to see what we mean by Perks. Only the Inner Circle has access to the rare & secret stock & benefit from creative discounts on a variety of things sold by Kinetic.

The Catch

Of course with something so awesome, there had to be a catch. It’s not like an amusement park ride, where you have to be under or over a certain height or weight. You don’t have to take a beer knowledge test or have a certain user rating on the craft beer review websites. What you do need to do however is enroll between March 1st & March 31st each year either in-person or by visiting the joining the Inner Circle page.

What’s it cost? …

Costs and Benefits Explained Here.